Intern Files: That Ombre Sweater!

Posted on September 26 2014

Hey there, gorgeous, nice to meet you! I am HG's favorite (well, only) intern. My name is Ashby, I'm a NYU student and you'll start seeing a lot of me as we kick off the Intern Files

I absolutely love my position at Hey Gorgeous and staring at these beautiful clothes. My obsession recently has been the Daton Ombre Sweater by BB Dakota. I took the sweater home and gave it a spin!

This is the outfit I put together, cuffed skinny jeans and taupe ankle booties with the gorgeous sweater. I started off my day at a train station in New Jersey after visiting my boyfriend. Then I was headed home to the big apple.

Some other ways I would wear this sweater:
Like this, with the Anelin Jacket by BB Dakota, and the Ankle Leggings by Lysse. I'd throw on some wintery accessories, like high boots and a funky hat to really stay warm under that sweater and jacket.
For more of a fall transitional look, I'd do some denim! I would wear the sweater under the Lucky Brand Amber Denim Jacket and throw on a trusty pair of jeans like the Lucky Brand Emma Straight Leg Jeans

To see all of these pieces in the collage, follow us on Polyvore.

I asked my boyfriend to snap a few shots of me. I wanted to show off the cool open back!

I wore it without a tank under and I loved it. It didn't show much skin, just a tiny bit (except for when I posed like I did above).
Also, I wore a regular bra- nothing difficult, and it stayed hidden the whole day.

My train ride home consisted of my new favorite snuggly sweater, my sunflower bag, and my Autumn playlist.

Just walking through my building, I got 3 compliments! Even as I stepped out of the elevator, I overheard a girl say to her friend, "I like that girl's sweater, did you see it?"


I took a walk on 14th Street, and look! I found another girl with an open back! Made me feel so trendy and hip!

Hey girl, I like your back.

"Ashby, your sweater has such a cool fade!" - best lady friend
"Wow girl, this is nice, it's so soft. What's the brand?" - best gay friend
"Oooh, it has an open back? I like that." - boyfriend

It's only the beginning of fall, so it's warm enough to get ice cream.
(Look at that drape on my sweater... Oh yeah.)

Hoping I don't spill on the sweater!

Fall is my favorite time in the city... Cool enough for sweaters, but hot enough for ice cream and rooftop hang outs.

It's nice to have friends with nice views. I like to keep those friends around. We sat on the roof and watched the sunset over the Empire State Building. See? Fall in the city is the best.

And just as my sweater fades from light to dark, it faded from day to night.  
(But as it got darker and cooler I loved my cozy sweater more and more. It was a bit hot during the day. I guess fall is still on its way.)

This sweater got me at least 17 compliments. 
Once people touched it, they liked it even more (so soft, great feel).
Love it as much as my admirers (and I) did? Get the sweater here.

Til next time, gorgeous!

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  • Mark: September 26, 2014

    Fantastic Ashby! You are gorgeous!

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