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Posted on October 22 2014

Woken up by the alarm clock that is my baby boy, I got up at 5am to feed and change baby Lewan. Before heading back to bed for a couple hours, I took a peek at my phone to see what was sold overnight and glance at my email. My husband got up at 6:30, carrying Lewan with him to check on my little girl, Lenora. After sneaking in a few more minutes of sleep, I made breakfast. Breakfast is usually picked out by Lenora- this time she picked pancakes and lots and lots of bacon. I don't know where she inherited her love for bacon! (That's a lie, I know she got it from me!) I turn the channel to the ever annoying Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to buy us some time to tidy up the apartment, a two bedroom place not exactly made for a family of four.



My daughter Lenora was so stir crazy in the apartment that she brought me my shoes. But when it comes time to look for her sparkle shoes, only one can be found. Her shirt with a sparkly horse isn't enough sparkle for my little girl! We find it, then I promise her that if she behaves on our walk through the market, she can get a cookie. She earned it, but then promptly insisted we head to the playground.




Like my outfit? My top is the Intarsia Poncho by Lucky Brand, and my pants are the Denim Knit Legging by Lysse.


I love stocking up at the market. My favorite place to shop is Hot Bread Kitchen, a shop that one of our Hey Gorgeous investors also supports. Great minds think alike! Because this market trip is one of the highlights of my week, I let myself indulge and over shop. Now that baby Lewan is 6 months old, our schedule is getting back to normal which leaves me time to cook real meals again. After spending so much time in front of the computer, kissing booboos, playing with Legos, and dealing with a teething baby, having time to myself watching over the stove is a real treat.



It was a special day, my husband Stu and I were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. But getting glammed up as a mommy is not so easy, so I decided to get glammed by the pros. I had the GlamSquad come over to give me the royal treatment. We have them come over to the Hey Gorgeous office in Williamsburg anytime we need to look camera ready for a project. 



We took the trip into Manhattan to have an amazing early dinner at Colicchio and Sons.





Our meal was fantastic, and complimented well by a bottle of Bandol. Having a moment to really relax, sit, and chat with Stu gave me a brief feeling of life before kids.


We snapped ourselves back into reality when we saw the time, hopped in an Uber, and rushed home to relieve our nanny before settling in for a quiet evening on the couch. Stu got me hooked on Peaky Binders, a British TV show set in 1990s Birmingham, UK- where he grew up. At 10:30, we were unable to start a second episode because baby Lewan got hungry. I was reminded that I'm a mommy, and started counting down the hours until Monday.


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