Intern Files: Escape from the City

Posted on November 19 2014

Hey there, gorgeous. Intern Ashby here! 

Last weekend I took a trip to visit my boyfriend at his family's home in the tiny town of Bloomsbury, New Jersey. Talk smack about New Jersey all you want, I think parts of it are lovely. 


I asked my boyfriend, Joe, to snap some shots of me as he showed me around the bridge in his hometown, next to the pizza parlor he worked at in high school. 

Being a California native, I think the whole scene is so Norman Rockwell picturesque- and so East Coast!



I wore my favorite black coat over a pair of the Old Flame Distressed Joggers by 17 Sundays, the snuggly Reiley Cardigan by BB Dakota, and the Ganado Twill Top in Black, also by BB Dakota with my favorite pair of camel booties.




These denim joggers are just about the coolest thing! Made by Australian brand, 17 Sundays, they have elastic at the cuff and the waist, so they sit comfortably. They have a drawstring at the top, and coolly placed distressed rips along the thigh and knee.


I can't decide which I'm obsessed with more, the joggers or the cardigan! A long, flowy cardigan has my name written all over it. And the soft but chunky knit made it warm and cuddly.






The Ganado Twill Top is very cool and easy shirt, with a subtle Aztec-inspired print.




Wear it with the tassels open, like I did, or tie them at the neck to create a keyhole look, like the model above.



Last week, when temps dropped and Mother Nature threatened to snow in NYC, Jersey received their first snow of the season. In the concrete jungle where snow doesn't stick, scenes like this just don't exist. Even a small sprinkling looks pretty when mixed with crunchy fall leaves.



Winter is coming! But in the meantime, I think I will stare at all the fall leaves I can.



I love rustic abandoned barn- who doesn't? I also adore the gorgeous drape of the BB Dakota cardigan.




There I am, trudging through leaves and soaking up all of the nature I can before heading back to the city.







I followed as my boyfriend lead me under the bridge for some more adventuring.



If I wasn't wearing such cute clothes (and if it weren't so cold) maybe I would have gone out a bit farther.



Joe took me down this set of stairs to the side yard of one of his old buddy's house. He said they would have pretty great barbecues. I can only imagine!



What a great spot this must be in the summer!



Finally, as the light left us it was time to get somewhere warmer. Joe begged me to hop back in the car to warm up. 



So long, New Jersey! See you for Thanksgiving.


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