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Posted on January 06 2015

Hey, gorgeous! Tis the season and all that jazz!


With the ho ho holidays right around the corner, it's time for a Christmas themed post, in a gorgeous gown perfect for a holiday party.


I took home the Angelica Gown by Igigi, a long shimmery black number. I had never before worn Igigi by Yuliya Raquel, but I know that it is designed specifically for plus, that is truly made with curves in mind. Even though I knew all of this, I was still happily surprised when I put the gown on!



I got myself dolled up and headed to my friend, Torrence's apartment. He's the kind of friend that lights up like a Christmas Tree when you mention "Christmas" or "dressing up". So when I asked him if we could have a mini, fancy Christmas party in his well-decorated apartment, his response was, "Should I wear my suspenders?"



So we toasted to upcoming finals and holiday shopping in front of his adorable tree.





We were feeling merry and bright in our dapper outfits! 



As if his tree wasn't trimmed completely, he let me hang up a couple extra ornaments (all music themed, of course).





I paired this gorgeous gown with a bold statement necklace (go big or go home is the saying, right?) and geometric earrings. I curled my hair, swiped on some red lipstick and threw on some heels. Torrence paired his polka dot button-down with a bowtie, suspenders, his usual adorable hipster glasses, black corduroys, and black oxfords.



As much as I liked it while wearing it, I didn't realize quite how flattering the dress was until I looked at the photos. Wow!!
Torrence is a music lover. He has starred in many musicals, plays many instruments, sings, and (as all modern music lovers do) has a record player. He showed me all of his records, and we decided to listen to a bit of Christmassy music as we sipped on our red wine.




A Christmas cookie scented candle, Peter and the Wolf on the turn table, and a bottle of red? I love the holidays.






A sexy face to go with a sexy dress! (I don't really take myself that seriously, don't worry.)
Ah, this dress! The wrap top is so flattering, and really cinches my waist but doesn't squeeze uncomfortably anywhere, it just sits on my hips.





The Angelica Dress by Igigi is not a daring piece, though it is absolutely beautiful, it's even a great option for the more modest lady. It's a classic piece that will be just as stunning in the years to come.
Because it is a black dress, with 3/4 length sleeves, and an ankle length- there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of looking gorgeous in a glam holiday gown, no matter your body shape (because as we know, a wrap dress is flattering on all shapes!). The dress looks best with some height, so pair it with heels. Any glam jewelry is great- this shimmery black dress is a perfect blank slate for accessories.



Have a happy holiday, gorgeous! 

And don't forget, has a Wish List function. Use that baby! Find the product you like, put it on your Wish List. Send the list to loved ones (or Santa!) to make sure that you get exactly what you want this year.


xo and be merry,



  • Rachel: December 19, 2014

    Adorable! And, of course, gorgeous!

  • Gail: December 05, 2014

    You look gorgeous!!! Even though you’re not in yellow…

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