Getting the word out: Aimee's Trip to Elle, Cosmo, and People Style Watch

Posted on January 07 2015

Being a start-up business in plus fashion can be an uphill battle. Getting the word out about this site that I have poured my heart and soul into is something extremely necessary and fulfilling.

Because we are such a small and new e-commerce site, meeting with the press can really help spread the word.


I first headed with my PR team to midtown to meet up with the girls of People Style Watch at Time Inc.





Here I am, sandwiched between Kami Phillips and Rosaliz Jimenez- both of whom have been huge supporters from the very beginning. I am so appreciative of their work and so thankful that they are interested in featuring more plus size designers to appeal to their curvy readers.


We got to talk about Hey Gorgeous! and everyone's favorite pieces.

Rosaliz loved that Hey Gorgeous! is a “true boutique” and is carefully curated to bring the best styles to shoppers. She enjoys that the site features straight-for-plus designers as well as the up-and-coming indie designers. Normally, Rosaliz works primarily in the photo department, but she’s recently become the ‘head’ of plus stories, so she’s always bringing ideas to the editorial team and penning many of the pieces herself. 

Her very favorite piece (that I was almost afraid she was going to steal from me!) was the Elle Dress by Stefanie Bezaire. As a newly single lady, she is very interested in the date night dresses like the Crave Dress by Harlow.

Elle Dress by Stefanie Bezaire







Crave Dress by Harlow


Kami, the other editor, was obsessed with the Lysse leggings, and even talked about claiming a pair of her mother's suede ones over the Thanksgiving holiday! She really thinks they have a great fit and are super stylish. Know what else Kami? They are super soft and comfy too!



Venice Faux Suede Leggings by Lysse


Kami was also taken by the Line & Label, she thought it was a great representation of the “ATHLEISURE” trend because it is both comfortable and stylish.



Violette Lace Sweatshirt by Line & Label


Then, my PR team and I stopped at my favorite midtown ramen spot for some lunch.



So yummy! Had to fuel up so I could have energy to show my passion and knowledge in plus fashion, then still have some energy left over to be mommy when I get home.


We then arrived at the Hearst building.



The perfect layering of new and old, of modern and traditional- the Hearst building is so New York.





Even the lobby of the building is beautiful!


I wore the Jasminus Shirt in Sugar over the Bunting Dress, both by the incredible designers at Carmakoma. I realized, when I was getting ready, that I was really imitating the look we featured on our model, Melissa!



I then found myself at the Cosmo headquarters.



I met with Cosmo's Fashion Editor Adam Mansuroglu, Accessory Editor Nicole Fineo, and Fashion News Editor Naomi Rougeau. 

Both editors got super-excited to learn that Robyn Lawley was connected to the Hey Gorgeous! brand. They let us know that they actually just shot Robyn for one of their recent issues and think she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Not that I was surprised to hear this, but it was lovely to know they feel the same way I do about Robyn.



Bisous Sweetheart One-Piece by Robyn Lawley




I headed through the building to meet with the brains behind Elle Magazine.


At Elle, I explained what I have learned of the plus size market, and all of its potential. When I explained that 60% of American women are plus sized, Naomi was both shocked and impressed by HG. They were extremely enthusiastic about our independent brands like Line & Label and Stefanie Bezaire.



After my long day of hard work (good thing it's my passion, right?) it was nice to head home to my little ones and take a load off.




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