The New York Times on Plus Size Fashion

Posted on January 07 2015

A great way to start 2015 is to see this article in The New York Times on January 1st.

Read the whole article here.


Our very own President and Co-Founder, Aimee Cheshire was interviewed for this piece. Seeing as her focus is a high fashion retailer exclusively for plus size, she has a unique perspective. Aimee also has a great eye for fashion, as she is the curator behind HG (and the reason why you find trendier options than muumuus on the site). As a company born in this social media atmosphere, Aimee understands the importance of the voices on social media. After years of being discarded, plus women can use their voice to ask what they want as consumers. Not only does Aimee hear these voices loud and clear, she is among them.

Aimee likes to focus on these women as her main project, not just a side project running along a larger, straight size retail game.

 Aimee believes that these women, "aren't the ugly stepsister, they're our main woman."

The article shed light not only on Hey Gorgeous and Aimee Cheshire, but on the reality of the plus industry itself. As stated by Cheshire, "Plus size women are 'not used to being wanted. There's no aspiration, no Vogue for the plus sized."

Luckily, with plus social media moguls and plus models, an aspirational image is starting to form. Learn more by reading the full article here.


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