Aimee Gives Yahoo! Style the Insider Scoop

Posted on January 10 2015

President and co-founder of Hey Gorgeous, Aimee Cheshire, was recently interviewed by Yahoo! Style in an incredibly insightful article that reflects the harsh realities of the industry and making a career out of plus fashion.




As plus fashion gains awareness in the media, this rapidly growing scene is changing and morphing- but HG president and co-founder Aimee Cheshire still feels the neglect. Not only does she still have difficulty walking into a store and finding something for herself, she has trouble explaining the importance of the plus size market to investors. 


“I’d be at investor meetings and I’d get pushback. They’d say, ‘How do you know this woman really wants to spend money on clothes?’ says Cheshire. “I’d turn around and say ‘There is not one store in this neighborhood where I can walk in right now and spend my money.’” 


Aimee reflects on her time modeling, stating that she likely did so in part for the validation of her beauty. She says that after years of being told to hide, it was hard to learn to show herself off.


As a fashion-loving plus woman herself, Aimee is in this for the long haul. She feels the neglect and wants similar women to turn to Hey Gorgeous in response. Because her dream was to work in fashion, she landed herself a position at the then only NYC based plus brand and learned the sad truth: those in charge had made up their mind that the plus woman simply is not worth it. After selling too many unstylish but still functional $12.99 tops, she realized that this was not the fashion world she wanted to be a part of. If Aimee wanted to dress herself up in beautiful and expensive pieces, she thought there had to be others- there's no way that all plus women think they are not worth the splurge.


So instead of perpetuating the stereotype, Cheshire left the scene to start her own blog in 2009- After getting depressing feedback from the fashion industry, still neglecting the plus woman, Aimee and her business partner, David Wechsler, decided to sell the products themselves. Together they launched, an ecommerce site that is still live today, and drew from the traffic from the blog. Finally, they rebranded to Hey Gorgeous! Aimee reflects that the word "plus" was a business killer, even though there is no better word out there yet. So instead of labeling her customers "plus", she has just labeled them as "gorgeous," which is pretty hard to take as an insult.



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