Fashion Without Limits, and the Plus Challenge

Posted on January 11 2015

Moderated by model and entrepreneur Emme, a breakfast panel was held on "Fashion Without Limits: Changing the Face of Fashion." Women's Wear Daily covered the event and wrote an article exposing these plus fashion moguls' thoughts and frustrations. HG co-founder and president, Aimee Cheshire, spoke at the event that was featured in WWD. Read the full article on WWD here.
The panel consisted of many experts in the field of plus fashion as well as fashion design coordinators and professors from Syracuse University. The themes of the discussion were mainly frustration out of neglect in the plus sector of the fashion industry. Luckily, with so many voices finally explaining their dissatisfaction publicly on social media, these women are able to be heard.
 “I feel we are at an incredible precipice and tipping point, of sorts, that we are about to see a change on who’s driving the decisions within boutiques and design schools,” said Emme.
Emme joined forces with her alma mater, Syracuse University, along with Fashion Without Limits to assign students the projects of designing for the 12+ set. The final project is to design a formal gown that Emme herself will be wearing. She, along with the coordinators and professors, encourage the students to get behind this idea because it is the only time in fashion history that the consumer has lead the change.
Photo courtesy of WWD. Left to right: HG President Aimee Cheshire, Liz Black author of blog P.S. It's Fashion, and celebrity stylist Susan Moses.
Photo of the full breakfast panel courtesy of WWD
The discussion topics ranged from Susan Moses's frustration by seeing no plus women in beauty campaigns, to sad in-store offerings for plus women. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst, explained that between $12 to $14 billion is lost yearly due to the industry neglecting the plus woman.
Aimee's takeaway from the discussion was that a change really needs to start from the bottom up: fashion students need to be educated about the curvy body. "SU with Emme is taking advantage of a huge white space in the market and putting their fashion students lightyears ahead  by focusing on this part of their education," said Cheshire, recapping the panel discussion. She also sees that Hey Gorgeous plays a major role in this predicament as it is an outlet for up and coming, talented designers who have no where else to turn to sell their designs.


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