Robyn Lawley Graces Sports Illustrated's 2015 Swimsuit Edition

Posted on February 09 2015

The jaw-droppingly stunning model Robyn Lawley is the very first plus size model to ever appear in Sports Illustrated's editorial content. Robyn is also the designer behind the swimwear on Hey Gorgeous! 


Australia-native Robyn Lawley is a size 12 international supermodel, swimwear designer, DJ, and mother-to-be. In her interview with Fashionista, Lawley said, "When I met with [Sports Illustrated] last year, I brought all of my swimsuits with me. I think I might have worn one, I can't even remember. And I said, 'Just so you know, you might need these suits that fit me,' and they were like, 'It's ok, we're not really after the fitting suits, we want tiny, tiny bikinis.' Mine are supportive and covering. But I did get to shoot one of my more sexier bikinis. I'm really excited to see that in the issue." Lawley did manage to fit the Palm D'Or Criss Cross Bikini into the magazine. And she sure does look stunning in it- maybe she had a bit of a pregnant glow at the time.



Robyn Lawley started designing swimwear out of sheer necessity. As quoted by Fashionista, "I could not find a suit that fit me. I posted a photo on Instagram from five years ago that the paper loves to keep running of me wearing underpants in a beach shot, when they wanted to shoot me as a new model that's going to go to America to start her career. I hated suits cutting into my love handles especially, and even if it was in my size, it was so small. So I started to design them and then we found a company that we liked and approached them."



As gorgeous as she is, many were quick to question the true progress being made, as Robyn may not appear as plus in a print magazine. Lawley is a US size 12, a model at the small end of plus size. Yet in the fashion world, it is impossible for a size 12 to be anything but a plus size model.

After a lot of talk, USA Today turned to President and Co-Founder of Hey Gorgeous, Aimee Cheshire. In the interview with USA Today (below), Aimee states that though this may not appear as progress to some, it is huge in the fashion world. She remembers growing up and staring at girls in magazines, thinking none of them were an aspirational size for her body.





Lawley appeared on Access Hollywood to discuss the controversy behind being a plus model. She discusses her own battle with her body and past eating disorders and tells viewers to embrace their natural shape.


Before Robyn Lawley's appearance in Sports Illustrated went public, a Swimsuits For All ad in the very same magazine did- containing another gorgeous plus model: Ashley Graham.

We are totally behind the #curvesinbikinis movement and love that it is getting this much attention. However, though we love the coverage in SI, we are excited to see gorgeous images like this appear in magazines targeted towards women in the future.



Robyn Lawley, the more-than-just-model has accomplished quite a bit, with her line of swimwear being one of her biggest successes. Check out the Robyn Lawley swimwear made for curves, using high-quality fabrics. Try it- you'll understand why we at Hey Gorgeous believe in it.





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