Designer Spotlight: PLY Apparel

Posted on February 18 2015

We at Hey Gorgeous, always like to see emerging plus brands. But what we do we love? A brand made of high-quality, fashion-forward pieces by talented, inspired designers.

Introducing: PLY Apparel 

These fantastic dresses are made of beautiful fabrics and classic silhouettes with touches of personality.
In love with these stunning pieces, we reached out to the designing duo behind the brand:

Pamela and Lamarr Nanton 

Hey Gorgeous!: How did you get your brand name?
PLY: We were so proud of what we are doing that we wanted to not only put our names on the garments but yours as well. PLY is an acronym- P=Pamela, L=Lamarr and the Y is for you, our customer.
Hey Gorgeous!: You're NYC based, and so are we. What is your favorite thing about New York?
PLY: New York has such creative energy and vibes, and of course Fashion Ave.  The fashion resources are here as well. We can walk out on 7th Avenue and find just about any fabric, trims, bells and whistles that we are looking for. Not to mention the food! There is always something happening here in NYC.
Hey Gorgeous!: Why plus size?
PLY: Pam and I met while working for another plus size brand.  We always dreamed of having our own line. When we got married, we sat down and talked about making the dream a reality. When thinking about what we could each bring to the table, plus size was the answer. This customer, our customer, needs more options.  She needs better fabrics and workmanship, and we thought we could be the answer. We could elevate things for her, give her options, or at the very least start conversations about plus size and better products. We still recall one customer almost in tears as she tried on a pants that fit her that didn’t have stretch in it.  It’s these experiences that keep us going.
Hey Gorgeous!: Sounds very inspirational. Speaking of which, what has been your inspiration this season?
PLY: This season was all about playing with classics. We wanted to take at a new look on the wrap dress which lead us to other pieces. We really started to play with the idea of loose but shapely silhouettes. It’s always about our customer and making her feel great. There’s something about great clothes that just elevates the spirit.
Hey Gorgeous!: How did you two get your start?
PLY: Fashion has been our blood from an early age. I think we both identified with fashion and it became how we express ourselves. It is such a part of us. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
Hey Gorgeous!: How do you hope women feel wearing your brand? 
PLY: We were recently contacted by the model Kirby Cernosek who told us, "Today I worked in Philly with Aimee Cheshire of Hey Gorgeous and wore a dress that I absolutely love. It made me feel and look so pretty." We couldn't say it any better... PLY: Because you Deserve Better
The Philly television segment that featured PLY was a Talk Philly show that featured Hey Gorgeous President, Aimee Cheshire expertly putting together some date night looks, including the Magenta Brocade Dress on model Kirby Cernosek.
Both model Kirby Cernosek and Hey Gorgeous President Aimee Cheshire attended the PLY Preview Event, where they were reconnected and again united under their love for PLY Apparel.
The event was a huge success and the upcoming styles are gorgeous- we cannot wait to get our hands on them!
Until those above stunning pieces are released, we will have to do with the gorgeous pieces we have in stock...
...Like this gorgeous black and white combo!
We love this look for work or play. Pair the Basic Roundneck Tee with the Polka Dot Skirt.

Shop PLY on Hey Gorgeous now.


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