Designer Spotlight: Carmakoma

Posted on February 25 2015

It is impossible to not do a double-take when looking at designs by Carmakoma. Those chic cuts, classic colors, curve-embracing silhouettes... It looks like high fashion, but it is always featured on curvy models. We love this European brand and were thrilled to have a chat with the creative couple behind Carmakoma.

Introducing: Carmakoma

We love how Carmakoma creates such refined designs- and as New Yorkers, we never shy away from the currently trendy but always classic black-and-white color palette.
Classic looks with unique details? We'll take it.
From left: Peekaboo Peplum Top, Modern Disco Shimmer Sweater, Leighton Star Top, Editor Bracelet-Sleeve Blazer, and the Malte Top.



Just about head over heels with their SS15 Collection, we called up the Danish duo behind the brand:

Angela Weiss and Heidie Lykke

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Hey Gorgeous!: How did you get your brand name?

Carmakoma: We are both fans of the band Massive Attack. We were inspired heavily by their track Karmacoma- the feeling of the beat, that was what we wanted to represent with our brand, Carmakoma.


Hey Gorgeous!: You are based in Denmark. Tell us about it- what kind of inspiration do you find?

Carmakoma: We are based in the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Vejle. Both are old cities with a lot of atmosphere- great places to get inspiration. However, our collections are always a combination of reminiscents from several bustling metropoles of the world. Like New York, for example.


Hey Gorgeous!: Describe the Carmakoma look.

Carmakoma: The Carmakoma design is a mix of Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of rock chick glam, feminine sweetness, sexy cuts and egdy details. A flattering silhouette and great fit are key elements, and we take pride in focusing on the female shape, rather than just the finished design.


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Hey Gorgeous!: Why plus size?

Carmakoma: We believe that fashion and beauty cannot be reduced to a size label. Clothes should fit the body – not the other way around, and every collection is a tribute to diversity and femininity. Carmakoma is driven by unprejudiced joy of fashion. We design clothes providing curvy women with an appetite to taste new experiences and an urge to show off their beautiful bodies.


Hey Gorgeous!: We love how fashion-forward Carmakoma is. Why do you think style is important?

Carmakoma: To dress in style is about bringing out your individual personality and feeling good while doing it. Designer wear should not produce fashion victims, but should support the important message of self-acceptance and provide any woman with the opportunity to independently express all aspects of her identity and mood.


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Hey Gorgeous!: What is your biggest inspiration of the season?

Carmakoma: This season our collection has been very much about raw unspoken love and a self-confident feminine attitude. It holds strong lines to glam rock music and old spine-chilling, mystical Hitchcock movies, but with references to urban energy and sporty American college life. We are usually inspired by the many moods and atmospheres you experience as the day goes by where you can feel both both sophisticated, seductive, powerful and feminine in a change of situations.


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Hey Gorgeous!: How did you get your start?

Carmakoma: The two of us formed a close friendship starting back in 1997 at the Danish design school TEKO, where we already shared our early ideas to improve the image and quality of the curvy supply in the fashion industry. We were incited by each other’s passion for fashion and the ideas soon became detailed plans of fulfilling the wishes of fashion loving, curvy women worldwide: we created trendy designer wear in plus sizes.

Finally in summer 2008, backed with years of experience from renowned Danish fashion companies we were able to realize our dreams and launch Carmakoma as our heart child.

Hey Gorgeous!:  What an inspiration. How do you hope women feel when they wear your brand?

Carmakoma: We believe that clothes help create harmony between your inward sense of self and your outer expression. Fashion creates looks by putting together stories about the personality behind the clothes. The clothes can support a state of mind or a certain mood. Therefore, many women regardless of their size will feel more in balance when their clothes reflect their identity and they can send a personal signal to their surroundings.
We hope that you not only feel more comfortable, but that the clothes help everyone else understand and interpret your signals.

Thanks, Heidie and Angelica- you are big inspirations!


At the Hey Gorgeous Headquarters, we noticed that we are not the only ones smitten with the Carmakoma look- our model, Leila King of MUSE NYC, became infatuated the second she put it on.


Captivated by her liquid rose gold look, we all were gushing over the Glimmer Tank and Glimmer Skirt combo- what a statement!


 Leila even turned to social media to declare her love- saying that she was "in rose gold love" on her Twitter, @mlkingxo. But that's not all.


Leila rocked the Leighton Star Top in an editorial shot- and loved the look so much she Instagrammed a behind the scenes shot from her account @mizz.king.


Refined European designs in plus can be hard to come by, which is why we are so proud to feature Carmakoma.

Shop Carmakoma on Hey Gorgeous here.


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