Designer Spotlight: Quay Australia

Posted on March 05 2015


As the weather gets warmer and we start to step out into the sunshine, we need all the warm weather accessories we can get our hands on. In NYC, it seems winter is here to stay for at least a little longer. Every time the sun comes out, all New Yorkers are so excited to start sporting their favorite sunnies. In particular, we love Quay Australia's recent collaboration with Shay Mitchell- cool, trendy sunglasses with attitude.
We called up Quay Australia and chatted about their brand and collection.

Introducing: Quay Australia


Left: Tilly Gold Sunglasses, Right: Jinx Clear Sunglasses.
Love the dresses on the models? They are by Adrianna Papell and will be on the site soon.


Quay is only one of many Australian brands on Hey Gorgeous! We have had our eyes on Quay, Robyn Lawley, and 17 Sundays, and Harlow as Australian brand leaders in the American market. We reached out to this brand from down under to get an inside scoop.


Photo courtesy of Quay Australia


Hey Gorgeous!: What inspires you?

Quay Australia: Quay was born on the music festival circuit in Australia, so naturally we are all about having a good time and incorporating that into our brand and product. We are inspired by music, dancing, beach days, sunshine, good times and great people. We want everyone that wears our sunnies to feel all of those things.

Hey Gorgeous!: We've been having awful weather in NYC and would love some of that inspiration. What is your design process like?

Quay: It starts with an idea from one of our three owners, who also double as designers, and it spirals up from there. Going from hand sketching to playing with ideas on computer software, we will then create a hard sample with a spunky color combination and decide whether we want to produce it or not.
Photo courtesy of Quay Australia.


Hey Gorgeous!: What clothing item of the season do you think would be perfect to pair with your sunglasses?

Quay: A swim suit of course! Our sunnies are made to be worn having fun in the sun but they also have a tendency to make you look really cool even when it’s cloudy out as well.

Hey Gorgeous!: We have an amazing collection of swimwear from fellow Australian, Robyn Lawley that would look great with your shades. Speaking of celebrities, how did your collaboration with Pretty Little Liars' star, Shay Mitchell come about?

Quay: It was extremely organic. She had been wearing Quay for months and months and we were definitely noticing. She posted a photo on social media of all her sunglasses. When we noticed it was mostly Quay, we felt like we could take it somewhere. We contacted Shay and then a collaboration happened! We produced four styles with two color combinations- each a reflection the blend between our style and Shay’s style.
Quay x Shay Mitchell. Shop these shades on the site now.
Top row, from left: Vesper Black, Tilly White, Jinx Leopard. Bottom, from left: Vesper White, Tilly Gold, Vivienne Gold.

Hey Gorgeous!: You are based in Australia, what makes your pieces distinctly Australian?

Quay: We derived from the roots of Australian music festivals, and we want to make that feeling very present in our glasses worn on people not just in Australia, but all over the world. From our Melbourne fair and many adventures abroad, Quay Australia has become a favourite for people with fearless style, a carefree attitude and a fresh perspective.
Photo courtesy of Quay Australia.

Hey Gorgeous!: Why is corporate social responsibility for manufacturing so important to Quay as a brand?

Quay: We have a strong stance when it comes to the working conditions in manufacturing. Each manufacturer we work with has to comply with fundamental human rights. This includes no child labor, no excessive work hours, no one forced against their will to work. They must have safe protection when using machinery, clean working conditions, and must get paid at least minimum wage.


Hey Gorgeous!: If Quay were a personification of an animal, what animal would it be?

Quay: Hmm.. Maybe a kangaroo.
 Thanks Quay Australia! We love your sunnies.


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