Designer Spotlight: Anna Scholz

Posted on March 12 2015

Stunning pieces in luxurious fabrics, cut to flatter- we absolutely love Anna Scholz. From classic pieces to the unique, every garment by Anna Scholz has an amazing fit and feel. We called up the legend herself to get a behind-the-scenes scoop on the gorgeous European imports that we can't take our eyes off of.

Introducing: Anna Scholz

The Large Dragon Open Back Top is one of our favorites- from the eye-catching print to the cut of the open back, we can't get enough of it.
Anna Scholz is one of the many brands we import from Europe in order to give the Hey Gorgeous! ladies an incredible selection of stunning pieces. Hey Gorgeous' President, Aimee Cheshire, is a friend of Anna's and set up a chat with her so we could get to know the ins and outs of the brand.
Photo courtesy of Anna Scholz.
Hey Gorgeous!: What motivated you to design plus fashion? Did you see a lack of options for yourself?

Anna Scholz: Setting up a plus size brand for me was a very personal journey. I was 6 feet tall and a US size 12 by the time I was 13 years old and could never find anything fashionable to wear. I always struggled finding anything feminine, so I started sewing classes and making or customizing my own clothes. By the time I turned 16, I had my first customers. At 18, I was discovered as a plus model. Through my modeling work I researched the market very well and saw a huge lack of choice, even in the international plus market, so the idea of my own brand was born.


Hey Gorgeous!: Your story is inspiring. As a leader in the plus fashion industry, how do you hope to see it grow within the next few years?

Anna: I would like the media to embrace plus size women more and more. Though we have come a very long way, it is still out of the norm to regularly include some plus models or designers in the media. We are still missing some great brick and mortar stores who carry a fab selection of plus size clothing. Though online shopping is very important, I think there are still a lot of women who want personal advice and encouragement to try on new styles. Why are so many department stores like Neimans and Saks closing their plus sections and moving everything online? Or how about a chain of Hey Gorgeous! stores?


Photo courtesy of Anna Scholz. 


Hey Gorgeous!: We would absolutely love to see a chain of Hey Gorgeous stores! We've noticed there aren't many luxury brands in the plus fashion industry- yours being one of the few. Why is that?

Anna: There are a lot of stigmas attached to being plus size. The industry is judging larger women by thinking that they are obviously not interested in looking great or spending money on clothes as if they wouldn't be plus size if they did care. Women who are bigger fluctuate in size more, and often don’t want to invest in luxury garments that might not fit them for a long time. I think we have proven now that the plus size market is a huge industry, more and more brands are coming on board. The plus customer is very used to budget shopping and therefore, I often get accused of being outrageously expensive. But I am all about offering women choices, so I'm designing a variety of collections at different price points. And why shouldn’t someone bigger be able to buy a cashmere jumper or silk stretch dress? I would love for more women to realize that it is better to buy high quality and invest in some great pieces in your wardrobe.


We love the attention to detail in this jaw-dropping Sequin Mesh Maxi Dress by Anna Scholz.



Hey Gorgeous!: Speaking of great, high quality pieces, yours are so beautiful. From where do you draw inspiration?

Anna: I draw inspiration from anything and everything- I always keep my eyes open on my travels, trawl through thrift stores and antique markets, and take endless amount of pictures. I love my Instagram and Pinterest to collect ideas and to listen to the women around me. I am a great lover of colour and print and I design a lot of these myself.


Hey Gorgeous!: How would you describe your line, in a few words?

Anna: Bold, Bright, Bohemian, Confident and Sexy.


This Anna Scholz Mesh Net Bomber Jacket adds the perfect punch to your spring wardrobe


Thanks, Anna! We are big fans of your work.

Shop Anna Scholz now.

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