Designer Spotlight: Living Doll L.A.

Posted on March 19 2015

We love Living Doll L.A.'s laid back California style. They proudly produce domestically in Los Angeles and deliver such great bohemian looks to lust after.

We had a chance to sit down with Amy Powers, Founder of Living Doll L.A. for the inside scoop about her brand.

Introducing: Living Doll L.A.


Hey Gorgeous!: We're based in NYC and you are Los Angeles- what do you think really defines the L.A. style and vibe that comes through in your clothing?

Amy Powers (Living Doll L.A. Founder): “Casual, Comfortable, Bohemian and Eclectic” defines L.A. Style and I feel our doll creates her own her style through our unique offerings.


This chambray button-down is a great Spring wardrobe staple.

Hey Gorgeous!: Living Doll Los Angeles makes everything in the United States. Why is this so important to your brand?

Amy: We assemble our product in the US (specifically L.A.) for a myriad of reasons, but most importantly because:

  • US Economy – We are proudly supporting US jobs.
  • Quality – We have better control over our execution and quality.
  • Speed to the Marketplace – We have the ability to analyze what our customer wants! We design and deliver within 30 days.  Our customer’s voice is number one.


We love this Pineapple Romper by Living Doll L.A.!

Hey Gorgeous!: What's the story behind your brand name?

Amy: I was a young girl growing up in the 90’s, and my memories are great!  The 90’s decade was one of my favorite times of my life!  I loved the eclectic style of Courtney Love and when Nirvana came onto the music scene it changed music and fashion forever.  The name “Living Doll” was inspired by an editorial about Courtney Love, titled “Living Doll.”  Coincidentally when I read this article, I was thinking about what I wanted to name the company.  The model was wearing a dress designed by my favorite designer Anna Sui. (Who I feel hits it out of the ballpark every collection, she is so true to her brand.)

I loved the memories and emotion it evoked for me reading this article!  I feel every girl or woman is a unique “Living Doll.”  We all have a gift that makes us special.  We are living and breathing creatures. I feel my love and passion for this industry is to provide a platform that allows people to create and deliver product that helps our customer find her best version of herself.  

The name of the company made sense to me and I added “L.A.” to the end.  We make our product in Los Angeles, so why not be proud and promote it.  The name was born “Living Doll L.A.”  I love our name and what we stand for.


Pucker up with this Hi-Lo Tank

Hey Gorgeous!: Festival season is right around the corner! What is your must-have piece for Coachella 2015?

Amy: Must-have piece... Hmm.. Coachella is two weekends. That’s limiting to choose your must have piece. You need lots of looks to be on point!  Hi-waist denim shorts, anything with crochet trim to go with to your denim.  Swing dresses and novelty hem line tops or dresses!! 

 Photo courtesy of Living Doll L.A.

Amy Powers and the Living Doll L.A. team. Photo courtesy of Living Doll L.A.


Hey Gorgeous!: What is a phrase that the Living Doll L.A. girl should live by?

Amy: “Be the Best Version of You!”

Thanks Amy + Living Doll L.A.!

Shop the Living Doll L.A. collection.


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