Intern Files: Spring Break in New Orleans

Posted on March 26 2015

Hey again, gorgeous!

After an extremely long and painful winter, I was thrilled to go down south to a place known for alligators, humidity, fried food, and jazz music: New Orleans. Excited for warmer weather, I packed my bags with some great pieces from Hey Gorgeous and headed down to the bayou.

My rule of thumb for flying is always to wear comfy pants, ideally ones that won't wrinkle. I put on the Mia High-Waisted Pant with Side Slit, and it fit the bill.


These pants have an elastic waistband and are made of wrinkle-free material, perfect for plane rides.




Before we knew it, we were in the land of colorful houses. My perfect-plane pants transitioned into the perfect pants for a hot and humid day.


Lightweight and breezy, these pants look dressier than a pair of shorts, but feel just as cool. 




I completely fell in love with the art scene and amazing architecture of New Orleans.



After a long day of exploring, we went out for a night of barbecue and drinks.


I wore my go-to LBD and the stunning Kolton Vintage Rose Crepon Kimono. I love everything about this kimono- it's long, flowy, floral, and never ever wrinkles. My style tends to be a bit boho and my favorite pieces are often long, flowy kimonos with vintage floral prints. Essentially, this Kimono had "Ashby" written all over it. I did not realize how great of a vacation piece it would be- you can ball it up in your suitcase and it will look just the same when you take it out. Not to mention, the fabric is also very lightweight and breathable- perfect for Louisiana humidity.


The city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas has such a long and rich history, we had to get a taste of it. So we took a bus to the country and went on a couple of plantation tours.

I wore one of my favorite pieces on the site, the Geometric Maxi Shirt Dress. I thought it made me look like quite the southern belle!


This dress is also very lightweight and airy. It falls to right above the ankle, making it a great maxi dress even on a rainy day. It never drags on the ground. 


The dress has a lightweight lining and a waist belt, making it super functional and flattering. As a blonde girl with fair skin, pink has always been a great color on me but I usually don't pick out pink for myself. But this dress is an exception- it definitely spoke to me.


After a long bus ride, we made it to the plantation. This is Oak Alley, an extremely beautiful American style plantation.


We all were in awe of this stunning spot. Gorgeous, with a haunting and interesting past of a sugar plantation.

From swamp tours to fried green tomatoes, we did or ate all that New Orleans had to offer.





After that fantastic trip, I am more ready for spring weather than ever. I cannot wait to start wearing cute maxi dresses, cool joggers, sunglasses, and swimsuits.

Until then, I'll stick to my trusty leather jackets and leggings!

Talk soon, gorgeous.






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