Designer Spotlight: SVOBODA

Posted on April 16 2015

There is nothing better than putting on your very favorite t-shirt, it's your comfortable go-to. You layer it, you sometimes even fall asleep in it- you just love to live in it. That's exactly what designer Jessica Svoboda creates: unbelievable basics that you will love living in. We called up Jessica Svoboda, the talent behind SVOBODA to find out her secret to the perfect tee.

Introducing: SVOBODA.


They're soft, they stretch, they are expertly cut to fit and flatter- we love these tops. They are so wearable, layerable, and perfect for any occasion. 


Hey Gorgeous!: What's your inspiration behind SVOBODA

Jessica Svoboda: My inspiration is my life, and the lives of all the beautiful women around me.  As I entered mid-thirties, my life changed-  I got married and had children.  Suddenly, I found myself looking for items that were more mature: well-made and refined, but not in any way reminiscent of the "old lady" stuff I had to wear my entire youth as a plus size teenager and young adult. I yearned for beautifully crafted clothing made of fine fabrics. I wanted clothes that were fashion forward, but not so trendy that they had no shelf life.  With children, I also needed items that were easy to clean, without having to make a trip to the cleaners. 


Hey Gorgeous!: What's your favorite thing about your tops?  

Jessica Svoboda: I love having fresh new items in my closet that pair well with my key wardrobe staple: jeans. While reflecting on my wardrobe, I realized there was a major hole in my closet. I had no long lasting, season-less closet staples-- which really is the foundation of a good wardrobe. Sure, I have plenty of great jeans, I have beautiful occasion wear, and inexpensive trendy items, but not great basics. So I set out do change that.


Above: Crew Neck Tee with Short Sleeves in White. 

Hey Gorgeous!: What is your design process like? 


Jessica Svoboda: My goal is to create garments that are essential to women’s wardrobes. I wouldn't call it simple, because designing is a very complicated process. There is a lot of trial and error.  In the sample stage I end up with a ton of duds. I try to reduce the collection to the items that can be dressed up or down, that fit both the casual and more elevated events.  I love refined but comfortable silhouettes that evolve from season to season and can be worn in a variety of ways. I keeping the focus on the woman who wears them. I try to achieve garments that are well-made, sexy (yet not overt), refined (but not stuck up), and offer them at a fair price.


Hey Gorgeous!: How would you describe the SVOBODA customer? 


Jessica Svoboda: SVOBODA’s aesthetic is modern minimalism with a warm and open sensuality that is appealing to strong, confident, influential and naturally beautiful women.  Whether managing the home or leading in industries typically lead by men, she does so with ease, elegance, and a refined sense of personal style.  She is a collector and patron of the arts with an interest in traveling, photography, architecture, furniture, books and magazines.  She loves entertaining, trying new restaurants, coffee, fine wine, gourmet ice cream and hand-crafted chocolates.  She is an active participant in her own life and a role model to those that she loves. 



Above: Short Sleeve Crepe Tunic in Navy.


Hey Gorgeous!: Wow- we love her! Who are your style icons and muses? 


Jessica Svoboda: For the upcoming Fall 2015 collection, I channeled Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.  But as far as muses go, they are more personal.  People whose style I know intimately: my best friend and college roommate, Emily. She has a very focused wardrobe and keeps her closet under control.  It’s pared down to key essentials – modern and minimalist in style. She is constantly reinventing her wardrobe, has a long term plan and tosses worn out, dated items.  She doesn’t participate in fast fashion.  She only buys a few expensive items annually, and she won't open up her wallet unless the items is absolutely perfect.  The second is a more recent addition to my life, my friend Chi-Linn. I love everything about this woman.  She is a thoughtful, warm, caring, photographer and mother.  Her style is very consistent and comfortable.  What make her an incredibly sexy, natural beauty is that she is very open, such a good conversationalist, and energetic. She loves miniature everything, tends to prefer natural fibers, a neutral color palette and she notices the little details.


Shop the U-Neck Tee with Long Sleeves in Black by SVOBODA. 


Hey Gorgeous!: We've noticed them too- Your pieces feel so luxurious. Why is incorporating comfort important in your work? 


Jessica Svoboda: I’ve gotten to a point where I realize that this is it, this is the body that is going to carry me through this life. It’s this body that will hug loved ones, this body that birthed two amazing children, this beautiful body that carries an even more beautiful brain and soul. I need to take care of it! What better way to do that than wrap myself in stylish, luxurious, comfortable clothing?


We agree, Jessica! There is nothing like a luxurious piece of clothing to feel amazing in. Thanks for chatting!






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