Designer Spotlight: Lauren Moshi | Michael Lauren

Posted on April 23 2015

There is nothing better than a luxuriously soft dress. So soft you never want to take it off? That's what Lauren Moshi and Michael Lauren have to offer: beautifully draped maxis that you will want to sleep in as much as wear out and about. We called up the California brand to hear all about the behind-the-scenes.

Introducing: Lauren Moshi | Michael Lauren

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Hey Gorgeous!: Your fabrics have such a luxurious feel. Where do you find them?

Lauren Moshi: The fabric is key to getting the perfect fit and drape, which is really important to us. Everything is made in the U.S. from local vendors.  All our fabrics are extremely soft, comfortable, and have a lux hand. We are always looking for something you want to live in from day to night.  

From left: Goddess Maxi Dress, Dutch Dress, Asymmetrical Floral Maxi Dress, Snake Maxi Dress.


Hey Gorgeous!: We definitely like to live in your pieces. Your silhouettes tend to be flowy- is that California inspired?

Lauren Moshi: The flowy- silhouettes are very California inspired. Beachy, relaxed vibes come into play to keep the lines simple and chic. I wanted Michael Lauren to maintain a slouchy feel that is still sexy, they are the kind of pieces you could wear to the beach or a night out in California. It really fits the laid-back Cali lifestyle. Lauren Moshi has a strong Hollywood vibe. The graphic, vintage inspired designs are nostalgic of rock-and-roll and anything else popular and funky. It definitely maintains a California feel to it.



Hey Gorgeous!: We love that Lauren Moshi / Michael Lauren is a partnership between brother and sister: Michael and Lauren. What is the dynamic between you and Michael?

Lauren Moshi: Michael and I make such a great team because we have different abilities that cover every aspect necessary to run a clothing line. Michael is an amazing businessman and handles everything in that department, which gives me the luxury to focus on designing. Having two such different perspectives allows us to collide and tag team on everything we need to succeed. We get along so well and in a way, we complete each other. He’s my brother! It really works out and I feel so lucky to be able to work with family everyday.


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Hey Gorgeous!: So sweet! Where do you find inspiration?

Lauren Moshi: Growing up in Los Angeles, Michael and I have had constant inspiration from this culturally vibrant city. Lauren Moshi is inspired by high fashion and fine art and features meticulously crafted, hand-drawn designs in limited quantities, making each garment is its own original pieces of artwork. I absolutely love taking inspiration from pop culture and merging it with fashion. Michael Lauren is mainly inspired by comfort, as well as modern and versatile simplicity. I wanted to bring women clothing that they could feel sexy and feminine in, while still being comfy.


Hey Gorgeous!: Comfort is everything in today's style world. Why is it so important to you?

Who really doesn’t want to be comfortable? There’s nothing better than finding clothes that you can be comfy and still look great and fashion-forward in. That’s what we wanted to bring to Michael Lauren and Lauren Moshi’s customers. The ability to look awesome, but still feel good in what you’re wearing.


Check out these gorgeous, drapey dresses for style and comfort. 
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