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Posted on June 11 2015

President and Co-Founder of Hey Gorgeous!, Aimee Cheshire, fled New York to head to Los Angeles to make an appearance on Entertainment Tonight. Her first trip to L.A. in 10 years, since her bachelorette party, she started to remember why it's such a beloved place. "I had a blast in L.A. before but I have such a New York bias. I completely lost that bias as soon as the sun hit my face." Besides missing walking and always scheduling in extra time for traffic, NYC was really not missed much.


Aimee spoke all about the trendy Girlfriend Jean on Entertainment Tonight, hosted by Tatiana Toomer. 

 Shop some great curve-friendly denim at our Denim Shop. Aimee loved getting to check out the CBS Studio and loved interacting with the energetic host, Tatiana.


For the TV segment, Aimee wore an adorable outfit- Hey Gorgeous! head to toe. 
 Aimee wore the Elongated Spring Blazer in Baby Blue over a white tank, paired with the Old Flame Distressed Joggers and the White Tusk Pendant Necklace. Photos by  Azusa Takano.
As a mom of two toddlers, Aimee was thrilled to get the chance to have a hotel room to herself- until she felt the distance from her little ones. "This was the first time I had been away from my kids for more than one night, and it created the most anxiety I had ever felt before a flight. I've never been a nervous flyer before, but I usually fly with my family by my side." Her anxiety was wasted on a safe flight and was replaced by the joy of getting alone time and a full nights' rest for the first time since having children. 
After getting some recommendations from friends, Aimee stayed at La Montrose in West Hollywood. Finally in California, she got the chance to meet with some of our west coast vendors. She met with Kenisha Gill of Living Doll L.A., one of our newer vendors known for their breezy California flair. 
Kenisha and Aimee, getting to meet for the first time. Aimee is wearing a top from SVOBODA and the Watercolor Semi-Sheer Maxi Skirt with the White Tusk Pendant Necklace.
 Aimee got the behind scenes tour. What got her most excited was their vintage denim collection. "They go to warehouses full of vintage clothing, pore through everythig, and find jeans to match their sizes. Then they distress them each. No two are alike. When I heard about this, I knew I had to have them for Hey Gorgeous!" The vintage denim collection by Living Doll L.A. is now available
Hey Gorgeous! now offers these vintage denim shorts in a blue and black wash. A denim jacket is to arrive soon.
 Aimee adored the L.A. weather, and wore a beautiful breezy outfit made of her favorite Hey Gorgeous! pieces.
Aimee wore the Floral Dragon Top by Anna Scholz, along with the Lizzy Pleated Skirt by BB Dakota and By Boe earrings. Photos by Azusa Takano.
Finally given the chance, Aimee got to meet the blogger behind Lovely In LA, Rachel Richardson. 
Aimee and Rachel, getting to know each other.
"I have been such a fan of Rachel's style and joie de vivre. We chatted for hours while sitting in the sun, enjoying a perfect California afternoon." They talked about Rachel's experience working as a fit model for major brands, one being Rachel Pally, which is a collection Hey Gorgeous! just launched.
Aimee wore the Macauley Tank in Ultramarine and the Lizzy Pleated Skirt with the White Tusk Pendant Necklace for her afternoon with Rachel. 
After a gorgeous few days, Aimee returned home to her family in Brooklyn, New York. She's awaiting her next excuse to return to L.A.


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