Designer Spotlight: Lyssé

Posted on July 01 2015

 When everyone in the office is wearing the same brand of leggings, it's something to be talked about. A beautiful blend of extreme comfort and perfect fit makes for the perfect pant- the kind you don't even mind sleeping in. We are now running a contest where you can win $500 in Lyssé's incredibly comfortable and flattering clothing. We called up the brilliant minds behind the brand to see exactly what it is that keeps us living in these leggings.

Introducing: Lyssé.


We chatted with Nicole Callahan, Senior Designer at Lyssé, to get the inside scoop on the clothing we never want to go without.

Hey Gorgeous!: What do Lyssé leggings have that other leggings just don’t?

Lyssé: We actually tailor our knits, so that they nip you in the right places to flatter your curves.  I chose to flat-lock our seams so they’re smooth against the skin, not bulky. We spend months developing features that you won’t find anywhere else. 


The Lyssé team, hard at work discussing a pair of leggings. Photo courtesy of Lyssé.

Hey Gorgeous!: Why is it important for you to include plus sizes in your collection?

Lyssé: Lyssé was created to help women feel their best – and we don’t see why that should be limited to certain sizes!  We fit on 3 different sizes before a style is approved, and even then we don’t just size up.  Each measurement is adjusted to be sure our women feel confident in their clothes.


Melissa McCarthy wearing Lyssé leggings on the red carpet. Photo courtesy of @lyssefashion on Instagram. See similar leggings here

Hey Gorgeous!: Comfort or fashion?

Lyssé: As a designer today, there is no excuse not to offer both!  We custom develop each of our fabrics to move and stretch like yoga wear, but in silhouettes that are effortlessly stylish.

     Photo courtesy of the Lyssé team.

Hey Gorgeous!: What is your favorite piece for summer? 

Lyssé: My favorite this season has been our Maxi dress. It has a built in performance liner with cooling technology that makes you look fabulous, whether you’re at the beach or wearing it under a blazer to head to a meeting. 

 Shop the Geometric Pieced Maxi Dress by Lyssé.

Hey Gorgeous!: What do you wish women would keep in mind when shopping? 

Lyssé: Our garments are created to FEEL good. There is no substitute for trying something on.  We see it everyday- once women try on our styles they never want to take them off! 


Hey Gorgeous!: We sure can relate to that! Thanks Lyssé- not just for the interview, but for creating clothing that we want to wear for the rest of time.

Shop Lyssé.





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