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Posted on July 15 2015

We are constantly being inspired by our customers. When Monica Holmes started shopping with us, we took notice. After scrolling through her blog, we knew we had collaborate with her. She put together a collection of her favorite pieces. We sat down with the Mommy behind to hear all about her personal style, motherhood, and her current obsessions. Be sure to follow along on Instagram too, as she does an #instagramtakeover of @heygorgeousny


Monica is wearing the Leather Hoodie Dress by Line & Label.

Hey Gorgeous!: When and why did you start GetDressedMommy?

Monica: I had just left my job as an editor of a bridal magazine. My life had become all about taking care of my home and my family. One day, I was folding laundry and my daughter was getting dressed and she asked, "Are you getting dressed, Mommy?"
       I said, "No, I'm not going anywhere."
       She stopped me from doing laundry and said, "Get dressed, Mommy!" That's how I came up with the title of my blog. It was a snap moment for me, an epiphany. I realized I hadn't showered in two days, I hadn't gotten out of yoga pants in maybe a week. It inspired me to start making myself a priority, and I wanted to inspire moms like myself to do the same.

Monica is wearing the Harlem Moto Jacket by MYNT 1792 over the Leather Hoodie Dress by Line & Label.


Hey Gorgeous!: How has being a mom compromised your style?

Monica: Being a mom definitely changes your style. Some women in fashion don't want to admit it, but it is the same for everyone. I never wear heels over 3 inches. Sometimes there are trends that I just can't do. For a while, sequin tops during the day were a big trend. But wearing a sequin top and carrying an infant doesn't work together, unless I don't mind cutting up my baby's face. I normally steer towards structured, Victoria Beckham kind of looks, but that just isn't appropriate on the playground.

 Monica is wearing the Leather Hoodie Dress under the Harlem Moto Jacket. Shoes and accessories are her own.


Hey Gorgeous!: Besides Victoria Beckham, who are other style icons of yours?

Monica: I always say that I have no tattoos because I am never the same person long enough to have something permanent- I feel the same way about style icons. Right now, I really love Yulia Sergeenko. She has this element of fantasy in her wardrobe and designs. I'm not sure I would actually wear anything that she would, though. My biggest influences are my mom and my aunt. My aunt is the youngest. She's very eclectic and loves bold prints, big statement jewelry, and lots of excess. My mom is the oldest, she's very classic, wears lots of black, and likes structured silhouettes. My style is kind of a blend of their influences. I like a good structured sheath dress, but in a really bold print. I also have a little bit of edge, thanks to my big sister's influence.

  Monica is wearing her own ring.


Hey Gorgeous!: What is your summer must-have?

Monica: I love matching sets in really bold prints. That is my total must-have for the summer. I love mixing, matching, wearing them together or separate. I love the matching sets on Hey Gorgeous!

Monica is wearing the Pineapple Romper by Living Doll L.A.

Hey Gorgeous!: Besides fashion and family, what are your other obsessions?

Monica: I love beauty products. I am completely obsessed. I became a VIB Rouge at Sephora right when they started their points program. I am obsessed with make up and skincare, even though I don't wear make up on a daily basis. I am also obsessed with learning, I'm a perpetual student and I am always in some sort of class.


Shop the Pineapple Romper.


Hey Gorgeous!: Are you taking any classes right now?

Monica: I just finished Social Media Marketing at Cal State East Bay. I can totally apply it to my blog! I'm now looking for my next class. 


Monica is wearing the Pineapple Romper by Living Doll L.A. and her own accessories.


Hey Gorgeous!: What are your favorite blogs to follow?

Monica: There are way too many to name. I really love Stockholm Street Style- it's just everyday looks but really put together. Oh Happy Day is great for parties and crafts. I love Kendi Everyday for style, and I'm into Garner Style. I really like Girl With Curves, she's local, but I haven't been following as much because my hair is naturally curly and she is making me miss my curls. Into The Gloss is great for my beauty obsession.


Monica's accessories are her own.


Hey Gorgeous!: You are located in Oakland, California. What's the fashion scene like in the area?

Monica: The bay area in general is pretty casual and unpretentious. Labels overall mean very little. There are tons of vintage stores in Oakland. Because there isn't much weather variation, we focus more on year-round season-less dressing. Lots of denim, even to work. Oakland is experiencing a bit of a boom right now which changes the vibe, but natives generally wear jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.


Monica is wearing her own crop top over the Pineapple Romper.


Hey Gorgeous!: Oakland sounds a lot like Brooklyn, which is where we are from! So, tell me about your kids.

Monica: I have three girls. They are 7, 3 and 1. My oldest daughter is really artistic, she's constantly drawing or creating something. She really appreciates the aesthetic of beauty, but when it comes to what to wear, she always picks jeans and a t-shirt. My middle daughter is very girly, loves dresses, and cries when I try to put her in jeans. When I get a box in the mail, she runs in to watch me try on clothes. If she says, "Pretty!" then it's a keeper. 


Monica is wearing the Pucker Up Hi-Lo Tank by Living Doll L.A. The jeans are her own.


Hey Gorgeous!: How did you come across

Monica: I was frustrated with my wardrobe because it was full of workwear but I was in need of something more casual and comfortable. I needed something that was easy with the kids, but that I could also run to fashion events and client meetings in. Sometimes even a fashion stylist needs a stylist, and I feel like Hey Gorgeous! is like having that stylist. Someone hand-picks the best from these designers and puts them together for me to pick my favorites. I have been introduced to so many brands I haven't tried before. I had never tried Carmakoma before, and had never heard of Harlow or Living Doll L.A. I really like your Brooklyn brands, By Boe and Line & Label. I love the return policy. It takes the worry out of shopping and enabled me to learn my sizes in these designers. I haven't always been plus size, but with having kids my size changed and I have had to learn my new size, and this return and exchange policy has allowed me to learn that. 


Monica is wearing the Pucker Up Hi-Lo Tank. Unfortunately we don't carry kids clothing, but if we did, we would love to have her daughter's adorable dress on our site.


Thanks Monica! We love your style, your blog, and your spin on some of our favorite pieces. 


Shop Monica's Picks.


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