#GorgeousGirl Mia Ray of Confessions of a Glam-Aholic

Posted on August 20 2015

We at Hey Gorgeous! started noticing @miaray tagging us in selfies on Instagram- and we couldn't help but scroll through her feed of adorable babies, incredible outfits, and great beauty inspiration. Once we started clicking around on Mia's blog, Confessions of a Glam-Aholic, we realized just how much of a trendsetter Mia truly is- and we knew we had to collaborate with her. We called up this Atlanta girl to get the inside scoop on her ultra glam blogger lifestyle. Check out Mia's Collection on Hey Gorgeous! here.

Introducing: Mia Ray.


Hey Gorgeous!: When and why did you start your blog? How did it get its name? 
Mia Ray: I started my blog November 2009, so I'm celebrating my 6th year. I had so many ideas, tips and tricks that I would always share on Facebook, until one day a good friend of mine suggested that I should start a blog. I had a list of names that I wanted to go with, but Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic just flowed so well. I didn't want to be stuck in a box of just talking about fashion. I wanted to blog about all things "glam," so that name was a perfect fit!
Hey Gorgeous!: Who are your style icons?
Mia Ray: My style icons are June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe, Kimora Lee Simmons and Solange.
Hey Gorgeous! One of your tag lines is "Same Girl, Different Hair." Tell us a little about that.
Mia Ray: I have always been that girl that changes her hairstyle as much as the wind blows! I have always had an obsession with changing my look and my hair is the ultimate accessory. My best friend's dad would always say "Mia, is that you?" and one day my reply was, "Yes, it's me... Same girl, different hair." That's when I realized it was something that so many other women in the world could relate to as well.
Mia is wearing the Vintage Denim Jacket and Dark Blue Vintage Cut-Offs, both by Living Doll L.A.
Hey Gorgeous!: What are your favorite blogs to follow? 
Mia Ray: I love Marianna Hewitt's blog and her YouTube channel. I also love
Hey Gorgeous!: We love seeing your sons on Instagram. How has having a fashion blogger for a mom influenced them? 
Mia Ray: It has had the biggest impact on my teenager. As he grows, he's starting to have a love for fashion and I love watching his style evolve. We get to talk about trends and items and now he enjoys going to the mall with me. He used to hate it!
Hey Gorgeous!: What fall trends are you excited to adopt? 
Mia Ray: I look forward to layers every fall. I'm so in love with minimalistic looks right now- taking something so simple and making it look extraordinary. I'm sure I'll have fun with this trend in the fall! 
Mia is wearing her own top, the Sky High Tassel Kimono, the Plum Mini Leather Fringe Bag, and the Dark Blue Vintage Cut-Offs.
Hey Gorgeous!: You are a self-proclaimed "glam-aholic." What are your beauty addictions? 
Mia Ray: I am addicted to skin care. I love trying new products, as well as obsessing over my all time favorites. I can't go a week without buying a new lipstick, with my latest obsessions being nude and skin tone shades. I'm basically addicted to anything you can find in Ulta or Sephora! 
Hey Gorgeous!: Describe your style in a few words. 
Mia Ray: My style is very versatile, simple and chic. 
Mia is wearing the Dark Blue Vintage Cut-Offs and the Vintage Denim Jacket.
Love Mia's Vintage Denim Jacket? Stay tuned to @heygorgeousny on Instagram for an opportunity to win her jacket.
Thanks for chatting with us, Mia! We love your style.


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