Designer Spotlight: Shegul

Posted on August 14 2015

Incredibly thoughtful cuts and fabrics are what make us at Hey Gorgeous! so excited about Shegul. We were smitten with the prints and the feel of the clothing, so we had to call up Aysegul Ilter, the designer behind the chic and smart collection.

Introducing: Shegul



Hey Gorgeous!: Your clothing always has such a beautiful hand. Where do you source your fabrics and how do you choose them?

Aysegul Ilter: Having worked in fashion business 15+ years, I have in-depth knowledge of what’s available in the market for mass market as well as luxury and where to find those beautiful fabrics. I go to Paris twice per year, where the heart and soul of the fashion fabric resources are, and I see their new collection. I also visit the smaller scale fabric resources in New York. So far I have been using fabrics sourced from Italy, France, Turkey, and Korea, all from the same Mills that supply to the luxury fashion houses that are envied by many of us. 

 For me, being in Paris at the show is like being in a giant candy shop where you want to have everything you could ever want, however I need to stop myself and focus on the fabrics that are best for the concept and colors in mind. In the end, even if I am being conservative, I receive hundreds and hundreds of fabric cards, which I go through several times to narrow down and select the best of the best.

Those  “best of the best” are what reach the hands of Shegul women.



 Hey Gorgeous!: How did you start designing? When did you start designing plus sizes?

 Aysegul: My very first sketches were done during the classes that I needed a bit more inspiration to get through, during the late 1980's. My main trigger to study fashion in college was my admiration of Mr. Armani’s collections. He has been my idol and inspiration for many years. I still have clippings of late 1980's, and early 1990's!

 I have worked in the fashion business for many years and my body has changed in time while the fashion world has stayed in the past with the smaller sizes I used to wear. My own struggles to find clothes that I love to wear, as well as that of my friends, is what triggered the idea of creating Shegul.



Hey Gorgeous!: What was your inspiration for your fall collection?

Aysegul: I have been blessed to be able to travel around the globe, visiting popular travel locations as well as some off the beaten track. Inspiration for this particular collection came during my trip to Eastern Europe, specifically the day I spend in Karlovy Vary. It is a beautiful town nestled in the hills and forests of the Czech Republic. It felt as if I had landed in a fairy tale, in a town with lots of crystals and healing waters! The reflection of light on black crystal was the inspiration for some of the prints in collection, while the natural water fountains and the residual water left behind was the inspiration for another. Colored crystal objects became the glass florals in the collection.



 Hey Gorgeous!: How do you hope women feel when wearing Shegul?

 Aysegul: I hope they feel confident and happy.



Hey Gorgeous!: What separates your pieces from the rest?

Aysegul: The plus size market is lacking the depth and breadth of offerings that are available to smaller sized women. We don’t have enough options that span across different aesthetics and price points. Many of the brands available to the segment still have the mindset of what they deem to be appropriate for plus size clients, not necessarily what is modern and fashionable.

At Shegul, it’s about youthful energy, colors, fabrication and subtle sexuality. Clever cuts, high-quality fabrics are there to work with feminine curves, while highlighting the individuality of every single Shegul woman.


 Hey Gorgeous!: Thank you Aysegul! Not just for the interview, but for thoughfully making beautiful clothing for plus size women who have been craving designer quality.


  • Marlena May: November 08, 2015

    I recently bot from Hey Gorgeous a Shegul flapper dress. It is amazing the way the dress fit and gives my shape true definition. The ladies at Hey Gorgeous fitted me perfectly in this beautiful outfit and others.
    Marlena May

  • Emma Cubit: August 24, 2015

    Just found your web site, glad I did. Love your fashions. Do you have women suits in (pants & skirts jackets) and dresses for tall plus size

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