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Posted on September 23 2015

The gorgeous Jessica Ip, blogger behind fashion blog clothesandshit.com, stopped by the Hey Gorgeous! headquarters to oggle over the new fall clothing, and for a little photo shoot. Her style is a bit oversized and minimalist- with a flare for fun textures and colors. She took a peek at our rack and put a little something together. We then sat her down for a quick interview.

Introducing: Jessica Ip of ClothesAndShit.com

Jessica is wearing the Hudson Top, the Sibhara Necklace, and the Vida Sunglasses in Coffee.


Hey Gorgeous!: We loved having you by our headquarters while you were in town for NYFW. What were the other highlights of your trip to NYC for Fashion Week?

Jessica Ip: Thank you so much for having me, it was seriously so much fun! Other highlights of my trip were definitely some of the shows I got to go to. It was really refreshing seeing so many beautiful plus size models representing a huge variety of brands. I've been feeling like fashion week never had much diversity in the past but this year, I definitely feel like we're heading in the right direction. Another highlight was being able to see all my old friends (which I sadly don't see often enough), and making new ones! 

Hey Gorgeous!: What trends are you excited to embrace as we move into fall?
Jessica: I'm really not much of a trend person, I typically tend to buy and wear whatever it is, even if it's silly or not weather-appropriate. That being said, some trends I'm embracing as we move into fall are definitely: fun furs, turtlenecks, capes and really high boots (I'm currently on a hunt for the perfect pair).
Hey Gorgeous!: You are based in Toronto. What is the fashion scene like in Toronto, and in Canada in general?
Jessica: The fashion scene in Toronto is really unique and diverse. We're one of the most multicultural cities in the world and I feel like it really shows in our style. Although, during the grueling months of winter you'll typically see beanies, Canada Goose Jackets, and UGGS 24/7. I've gotten so used to seeing these over the years, I haven't really expected much else. Aside from winter, I think our street style is awesome and hard to explain since it's different from person to person.
Jessica is wearing the Libby Faux Fur Vest, the Kayley Boiled Wool Jacket and Faux Suede Belt, the Erantis Turtleneck, the Sequoia Necklace, and the Nala Sunglasses in Tortiseshell.
Hey Gorgeous!: Describe your personal style in a few words.
Jessica: This is always a really hard question for me to answer seeing as I can wear literally anything, I often buy things without really thinking about it (which is not necessarily always good). If I love it, no matter what it is, it's coming home with me. I think you can really see that on my blog since I'm wearing a variety of different things.
Hey Gorgeous!: You are often traveling to Hong Kong. What is the style scene like in Hong Kong?
Jessica: I love Hong Kong! I'm actually in the process of becoming a Hong Kong citizen! The style scene is incredible over there! It's definitely made an impact on my personal style over the past few months. One thing that you'll almost always notice is running shoes. Just like New York, Hong Kong is a walking city and I can guarantee you'll be walking at least a mile a day. Sadly, I've never been one to invest in running shoes. When I was there in July my cheap runners gave way after 3 days and my cousin was nice enough to pick me up a pair. I also see a lot of layered sweaters (which as confusing to me, seeing as how I was sweating to death) and culottes. Then there are  business men and women and people with a very breezy look- like shorts and loose tanks.  
Hey Gorgeous!: Your next big trip is to Cuba. What are you planning on packing?
Jessica: I'm hopeful about Cuba, but it's not set in stone yet. I've been before and I will definitely pack much lighter. Last time I was worried it would be colder than what I was expecting- pretty silly, I know. I plan to pack light dresses, breezy tanks, sandals, denim shorts, fun skirts, and a million bathing suits and sunnies, of course!
Hey Gorgeous!: What are the biggest recent changes you have seen in the plus fashion world?
Jessica: Some of the biggest recent changes I've seen in the plus fashion world have definitely been the use of plus models in mainstream media. We're still a long way away from what I would like to see, but there has been a huge improvement over the past few years. I've had friends who know nothing about the plus size industry asking me about the model in a commercial or poster or magazine advertisement. I was lucky enough to be at Times Square for the #PlusIsEqual event and I felt so empowered afterwards, I really feel like we're truly heading in the right direction.
Hey Gorgeous!: Any blogger tips or secrets you'd like to spill?
Jessica: Anytime anyone asks me this, I tell them to be true to themselves. I tell them to ask themselves why they wanted to do this in the first place. I feel like being genuine will really shine through. Don't wear things you wouldn't buy yourself, don't force yourself to do anything you don't want to, and just have fun with it!
Jessica and her blogger friend Allie Krystal, of ailurophilewithstyle.com.
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Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! We love your style. Visit us in NYC soon!

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