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Posted on October 27 2015

After seeing Nora in the showroom quite a few times, we decided we wanted to take the next step and really get to know her. We already know her style so well that we know exactly what she will like before she even steps in the doors of our showroom. We sat down with her to chat style, fit, travel, and subway snooping.

Introducing: Nora Pelizzari

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Our showroom VIP, Nora, is wearing the Double Silk Cut-Out Dress by Anna Scholz and the Cropped Moto Jacket by Shegul.


Hey Gorgeous!: How was your first shopping experience in our showroom?

Nora: Amazing. Amazing! It was monsooning outside and I showed up like a sopping wet crazy person and then there were all of these beautiful clothes! In my size! And my style! I think I was there for two hours, which I felt really badly about (but not badly enough to not try on everything). Usually when I shop in person, it's either for accessories or tops I know my size in, or it's at a department store where I have to wade through a lot of boring nonsense to find the good stuff. Staring at a beautiful rack of clothes that all fit me just felt really good. Getting to touch the clothes was fabulous. I'm so sick of loving something on a website and then having it arrive and be think, "Well this sure is flammable." The quality and assortment was really unique and I was immediately hooked. You've created a monster. I hope you're prepared to see a lot of me. 

 Nora is wearing the Classic Denim Jacket, the Triple Arc Plated Necklace, and the Crew Neck Tee with Long Sleeves in Black.

Hey Gorgeous!: You are anything but a monster and you are definitely welcome anytime! Why do you invest in clothing?

Nora: I know there are people out there who don't care that much about what they wear. I've never been one of them. My clothes say something about me. I also don't look good in everything, I'm just not that woman. I think clothes are fun and I feel better about, life in general when I love what I'm wearing. As a larger woman, I give my clothes a workout. Higher quality fabrics hold up longer to my life--navigating subway rush hour, walking 30 blocks, layering in the winter, sweating in the summer--and my curves. As I've gotten older, I'm less interested in pieces I'm only going to want to wear for a couple months and less concerned about outfit repetition (as long as it's a great outfit). I'm pretty confident in my taste now and I don't seeing it changing drastically over the next several years. When I'm feeling less confident  in a situation, a well-composed outfit can mask a bit of that insecurity. 


Nora, is wearing the Double Silk Cut-Out Dress by Anna Scholz and the Cropped Moto Jacket by Shegul.


Hey Gorgeous!: What are some of your typical shopping issues? 

Nora: Apparently, I have an impossible-to-fit waist-to-hip ratio. Jeans that neither gape at the waist nor tug down when I walk are my unicorns. I also have a tendency, when I'm looking for something specific, to settle for acceptable rather than holding out for something I love. I think I've gotten better about that over the years, but every once in a while I still get home and think, "Really, Nora?" (Ideally while the tags are still on.)


Nora is wearing the Prism Maxi Skirt by Shegul, Classic Denim Jacket, the Triple Arc Plated Necklace, and the Crew Neck Tee with Long Sleeves in Black.

Hey Gorgeous!: We think fit is extremely important. What have you learned about yourself and your shape from shopping?

Nora: I love '60s mod, but I will never look good in a true shift dress. I just won't. It's not my shape. I need a waist or an a-line. I spent years rarely wearing pants until I re-discovered tucking in my shirts. My mother was right all along. And after years of buying things that I wore once, or kept trying to make work and always regretted wearing an hour after leaving the house, I've stopped wishful buying. I don't think wishful buying is just about wanting to be smaller, either. It's about wanting a piece to fit your shape better than it does, in whatever sense. The true test of a good piece is whether you can actually live your life in it, not just look good standing in front of a dressing room mirror with your hands on your hips and your best posture. Sit! Twirl! Bend! If it doesn't fit right...next!  


Nora is wearing the Prism Maxi Skirt by Shegul, Classic Denim Jacket, the Triple Arc Plated Necklace, and the Crew Neck Tee with Long Sleeves in Black.


Hey Gorgeous!: You have lived all over the globe. Tell us a little about where you lived and the style scene there.

Nora: I have! Well, I've lived in the US and Europe, so I still have a lot of world left to live in. Most recently I lived in Ireland, where it's perpetually autumn and could rain at any moment, but also a really outdoorsy place. Dublin is all about layering. It could be chilly and raining, then hot and sunny, then suddenly start to hail while the sun is still shining. The very first thing I bought when I arrived was a properly waterproof raincoat, although over the years I cared less and less about being a little damp most of the time. Among younger women, high street shopping really dominates, but there's definitely a "maybe we'll end up hiking later" feel to a lot of Irish style. I lived in Italy many years ago and I found it maybe the most stylish, but least trendy place I've ever been. Italians find the outfits that work and stick with them, rather than amassing huge disposable wardrobes. I grew up in Chicago and went to college in Boston, but I was at such a different point in my style life when I lived in those cities. Also, it was before the internet made street style and fashion blogging so accessible to anyone, anywhere. I think, other than submitting to the local climate, regional style differences are starting to fade away. 


Nora, is wearing the Double Silk Cut-Out Dress by Anna Scholz and the Cropped Moto Jacket by Shegul. 


Hey Gorgeous!: Describe your style in a few words.

Nora: Updated vintage, confident casual, edgy professional. (And now I feel like a twat for describing myself as "edgy.")



Hey Gorgeous!: What are you craving to add to your closet?

Nora: A structured leather jacket! With a notable collar! Also, chunky mid-height heels that aren't straight off of the set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. For work, I'd like some non-boring blazers and a couple of mid-century statement dresses. And after the chill that blew into the city last weekend, I basically want to be entirely covered in cashmere at all times.

 Nora, is wearing the Double Silk Cut-Out Dress by Anna Scholz.


Hey Gorgeous!: Where do you seek and find style inspiration?

Nora: I wear sunglasses on the subway. It's how I creep on people's outfits without getting punched in the face. I'm a obsessed with subway style. The range is jaw-dropping. So I'm the lady with her jaw dropped, wearing sunglasses indoors. I like seeing clothes actually being worn in the wild--sitting, standing, reaching for a handrail, walking up the stairs. I also love seeing how different people interpret a trend, but I most love people who don't seem to be paying attention to any trends at all but are totally confident in their well-defined, unique style. I always wonder when that became their style. Like, when did she decide that her look was Scandanavian architectural? I do get in trouble when I forget that I'm wearing regular glasses instead of sunglasses. I'll think, "Why is that weirdo staring at me?" and then realize that my eyes are visible and they can see that I'm being a weirdo and staring at their shirt and jacket combo. It's an imperfect system. But I have no intention of learning any lessons. 


Thanks Nora! You are not alone in the subway style snooping, and you are welcome to browse our racks anytime!

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    • Lorna: October 29, 2015

      Nora’s style in Dublin was always great, but it’s even better to see how she’s stepped it up in NYC! Dublin misses you, Nora!

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