Designer Spotlight: PLY Apparel

Posted on October 30 2015

Meet the designers who have quickly become good friends of ours, Pamela and Lamarr of PLY Apparel. This is an indie designer couple based in NYC that creates absolutely stunning, unique, and beautiful clothing in sizes above a 12. From raw hemlines to asymmetrical color blocking, PLY has created beautiful and curve-conscious clothing that stands apart from the global brands.

Introducing: PLY.

Model Hayley Hasselhoff is wearing the PLY Sleeveless Tuxedo Vest and the PLY Short-Sleeve Dress with Pockets.
Hey Gorgeous!: Tell us a bit about your background in fashion, and your story as a couple.
Lamarr: Pam and I have been designing for over 20 years each.  Pamela started sewing when she was 10 and loved the idea of making her own clothes to fit her and her curves. She always had a curvy body, with a waist to hip difference of more than 9 inches. Pam has been in the fashion industry since 1986 and has developed a great knowledge of women's bodies and understanding how seams can create great lines for their shape.  I started sewing in high school and loved the idea of dressing women.  I started my career at Giorgio Armani and have worked for companies such as JCPenney's, Manuel and Fashion Bug.  It was at Fashion Bug that I was introduced to plus size fashion and met my beautiful wife.  My love of fashion and her love of fit and form formed the perfect union in PLY.  
Pamela and Lamarr Nanton, the designers behind PLY.

Hey Gorgeous!: Now that you have been working in plus sizes for a while, what do you think the market is lacking?

PLY: The market is lacking options for clean, classic and elegant lines for everyday wear crafted from great fabrics. The woman above a size 12 still does not have these options, and we are determined to provide her with them.
Hey Gorgeous!: What set the PLY designs apart from the crowd?
PLY:  Our designs focus on non-stretch clothing that will last more than just a few washes. Unlike many plus designers, we do not want to create pull-on stretch pants. We do our research and select fabrics that are classic enough to fit in your wardrobe for this season but also for many seasons to come. We strike that balance between trend and classic fashion.
Model Hayley Hasselhoff is wearing the PLY 428 Color Block Zip Front Skirt and the PLY Wool Blend Cape.
Hey Gorgeous!: Describe your brand in just a few words.
PLY: Smart seam architecture. Timeless. Classically Trendy.
Hey Gorgeous!: Why design for plus sizes?
PLY: Why not? We felt she was being under served. We knew there were little to no options and as we talked with family and friends, our opinion was clearly affirmed. This is a woman who needs more beautiful clothing options.
Blogger Ashby Vose is wearing the PLY 428 Polka Dot Dress.
Hey Gorgeous! Where do you find design inspiration?
PLY: Inspiration is found all around us.  From life.  From art.  From music.  We find inspiration all around us- from life, art, music, and from people you see on the street. Sometimes I see someone and think, "Oh my gosh, what they are wearing is fabulous," only to get closer and realize it looked better in my mind. I say, then go make it that way it was in your mind. Follow your vision and trust your eyes.  Inspiration is you...
Thanks so much, Pam and Lamarr! We absolutely love working with you and we adore your line.

Shop PLY.


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