Designer Spotlight: Modamix

Posted on November 19 2015

One of the newest brands to enter the Hey Gorgeous! collection is Modamix- a brand we love for their fabrics, fit, and on-trend pieces. Every time we see the Modamix team, we are leave excited about the newest collection, often full from eating too many mini cupcakes, and with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing with their lovely ladies. They believe in their pieces- from every small stitching detail to the quality and recovery of the fabrics to the best fit they can get.

We sat down with Samantha, manager of Modamix sales and marketing, and Modamix designer Ellice to get the scoop on the brand.


Samantha (left) is the marketing manager and Ellice (right) is the designer for Modamix- both are wearing their brand's signature tees. Photo courtesy of Modamix.


Hey Gorgeous!: How long has Modamix been around? How did it come about?  

Ellice & Samantha: Modamix is just 2 years old. It came about when our parent company, Brandon Thomas, noticed the void in the plus size market. Along with the industry, we felt there was an under served customer that wanted fashion. One year ago, Ellice and I took over the brand and re-launched it with a younger, more contemporary flare. We participated in Curvy Con, met these women face-to-face, and honestly were so inspired to push the brand where we felt it needed to go.  


Hey Gorgeous!: What's the story behind the name Modamix?

Ellice & Samantha: “Moda” in Italian means fashion and we wanted to stand out in the crowd and “mix it up”, change the fashion from what our customer is used to. So here you have a collection of fun pieces to mix and match in your wardrobe, hence: Modamix.


We are in love with the Textured Vegan Leather Moto by Modamix- the texture, the feel of the inside...


Hey Gorgeous!: Tell us a little about the design and fit process.

Ellice: It all starts with inspiration and finding the perfect print. Then I look at the runways for silhouette ideas and start sketching. The rest is made up of fairy dust and dreams. And poof- a collection is made! All jokes aside, there is a full team and a genius technical designer that helps the dream come true.


Hey Gorgeous!: Where do you turn for inspiration? Each collection has such a different palette and feel, where does that stem from?

Ellice: Inspiration can come from anything; it comes from the pulse of the city, travel, art, and pop culture. Earlier this year, I traveled to Bermuda & California which inspired the Summer collection we are currently working on. The collection that is available now was inspired by this amazing Mermaid sequin that we found. It’s all about glam and celebration!

The whole Modamix team! Photo courtesy of Modamix.


Hey Gorgeous!: The two of you have great chemistry. What's going on there?

Ellice & Samantha: I think the reason we have such great chemistry is because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You gotta have fun, right?! We have the same vision for the brand. We have met these girls, worked with them, and read all of the blogs. We know who this girl is, what she wants, and we’re having fun with it!

It also helps that we actually get along and are real-life friends :)


 A hot seller right now, the Mermaid Sequin Shift Dress is a fun and beautiful option for the holidays.


Hey Gorgeous!: Your garments have great fabrics and great fit. What extra steps do you take to ensure this?

Ellice: We engineer the fabrics to have great stretch and recovery so they are flattering and comfortable. We’ve chosen our “core” fabrics so that the customer can depend on our quality and know what to expect from Modamix.
  As for fit, we fit every garment on a live size 18 model who is also a Modamix customer. We think about the different body shapes and what flatters each figure. Our whole motto is “Look Good, Feel Good.” There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.

 Shop the Printed Scuba Moto for a jacket with a fun flare. 


Hey Gorgeous!: Why design for plus?

Ellice & Samantha: There is such a need in the market for fashion for the every-day woman who happens to be plus size. Meeting our customers in person at the events we participate in is truly inspiring. We have plus-size influencers come to our showroom and the pure joy and happiness we see on their faces when they realize this product was made with them in mind is what keeps us going. The community has accepted us and we are excited to be a part of it.


Thanks Ellice and Sam! You guys are a great addition to the Hey Gorgeous! community and the plus community as a whole! Keep the great clothing coming.

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  • Catherine Schuller: November 19, 2015

    I love this brand and am very excited about the edgey and trendy same- style- just -sized -up look of each piece. What’s great is how it works with clothing you already own or their jazzy separates. Way to go!!

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