The Curvy Girl's Guide To Fitness Inspiration

Posted on January 11 2016

2016 is here, and like any new year, its arrival sparked reflection and goals. New workout regimens, new habits, and the hopeful end of old habits are now underway. If getting active is on your list, start with great activewear. Wear something that you can move in, that fits well, that makes you feel and look good as you're getting started with an uncomfortable start to a new work out. Check out our activewear to find just that. Not looking to start working out? You might be after reading this post.

Exercise can be daunting- especially when the only visuals of curvy women exercising are on makeover shows like The Biggest Loser where the end goal is always to lose weight and to drastically change the appearance of your body.

We believe the most important start of any journey is to appreciate yourself and where you are now. The goal of fitness should be to get stronger, healthier, and feel better- not to change yourself to fit the ideals of someone else. Looking at pictures of #fitspo on Instagram can be more intimidating than inspirational, with lots of images of bulging muscles and tiny waistlines. There are countless curvy women out there working to become more fit, without the ultimate goal of losing weight, who show that breaking a sweat and building muscle is not size exclusive.


Here is our round-up of Curvy Girl Fitness Inspiration:

  1.  Jessamyn Stanley, @mynameisjessamyn

    Jessamyn is a yoga instructor and is extremely body positive. She is totally unafraid of posting images of herself in a yoga pose wearing only underwear and preaches to her yogis to ask "How do I feel?" rather than "How do I look?"
    You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube, and her website.
  2. Amanda Bingson, US Olympian

    Amanda Bingson made waves when this image of her performing a Hammer Throw was one of the covers on ESPN Magazine's 2015 Body issue. Not only is she breaking records, she is also breaking stereotypes and promoting body positivity. Follow along on Instagram on her #RoadToRio.
  3. Cece Olisa, @ceceolisa

    Cece is a fashion blogger also known as Plus Size Princess, who started the #PSPfit challenge. She is willing to look like a goofball, laugh at herself, and take silly selfies all while working out and staying focused. She often shares tips to follow along at home. Follow along on Instagram and her blog for fitness tips as well as great style.
  4. Brittany Danielle, @crazycurvy_yoga

    Brittany Danielle is a plus size yogi, proud of her curves and her strength. Follow along as she does challenges, and invites her followers to follow along with step by step instructions. She posts videos and images in difficult yoga positions to imitate and urges her followers to work towards progress, not perfection. Follow her on Instagram.

  5. Leah G, Body Positive Athletes

    Leah is an Australian fitness instructor and body positive athlete. She posts inspiring quotes and encourages her followers to think of fitness as something you want to do- not something you have to do as means to an end. Follow her on Instagram for motivational quotes, picture of her child, and encouraging words. Also, check out her blog for her thoughts on being an athlete with curves.
  6.  Mirna Valerio, Fat Girl Running and @TheMirnavator

    Mirna Valerio is an avid runner, kicking the stereotype that all runners are rail thin. She is eager to give advice from her life, and shares tips that are helpful and informative- everything from the best meals to eat after a long run to what to pack backpacking. She writes for Women's Running, her own blog, and you can follow her on Twitter @TheMirnavator.


  7. Women's Running Magazine

    Women's Running's August 2015 cover featured a plus size runner on the cover, and gave rise to active curvy women everywhere. Their best content for curvy ladies? Written by blogger Fat Girl Running, of course!
  8. Rachel Priest, @rachelpriestyoga

    Rachel is an LA based yoga teacher whose body positive message arose after battling an eating disorder. She has since taught herself to spread love to all her students and herself as well. She speaks about being a yoga teacher with a curvier shape, and how being accused of being unhealthy by a student helped shape her healthy attitude. Follow her on her website and on @rachelpriestyoga on Instagram.
  9. Too Fat To Run

    Too Fat To Run is a UK based and also virtual club of plus size women runners. These women are breaking the rule that heavy women can't run, and are promoting everyone to step out and run with them. Check out the Fat Girls' Guide To Running for tips and meet up dates.
  10. Louise Green

    Louise is a Canadian and is living proof that a plus size women can be fit. She encourages followers to put aside their fear of fitness and dive in- even if you have to start by working out while sitting in a chair. Follow along on her blog.

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