Why Tees?: Founder Aimee Cheshire Explains The First In-House Project

Posted on June 17 2016



Why Tees?

As the buyer and founder of Hey Gorgeous!, one my main concerns has always been about tees. I wanted a wardrobe foundation. I wanted a key item that I could wear in a myriad of ways, styled up or down, paired with anything in my closet. I never understood why that was so hard to find.

I always found it curious why the tee offerings in the plus size market was so poorly done. What about my size says that I would like a bedazzled tee? What about my size says that I only want a tee with a big graphic, or a ruffled sleeve? I never understood why my size would indicate that I want anything different from any other woman- I just want a high quality basic tee.

All of us have shopping war stories. Finding only the most ridiculous options in the section that carries your size can leave you with fitting room nightmares. Finally, companies are starting to listen and provide us with actual quality pieces, on-trend pieces, and pieces that make me excited about fashion. But there still is no company offering what women really wear and really need: a solid collection of essential pieces that can act as a foundation to build your style around.

Being the founder of Hey Gorgeous! has given me a unique perspective. Not only do we get to work with some of the best emerging designers and more mainstream brands, but we also know exactly what is lacking in the apparel market for women above a size 10. These growing brands need to stand out on the floor of a department store with eye-catching trendy items. I realize that to develop a tee shirt would not give them the recognition they're seeking, and I don't blame them. But I still have been craving a tee with great fit and yummy fabric, a tee that will last.

So I decided to design my own, to fill this hole myself. I wanted some fit features that are core to any tee designed for the curvy figure. The Hey Gorgeous! Essential Tee has a slight A-line fit, a great weight, the softest fabric, and side slits that help with tucking. Our V Tee has a great open neckline, perfect for styling with jewelry and for showing off some decolletage.

I'm excited to finally launch the tees that I have dreamed of owning. I hope you love our collection, and I am open to all feedback. This is a learning process. I am no designer, I just know our customers and the offerings in the market. I know what I want, and what our customers need. Many of our customers still need to develop their style, as they have been scarred from bad shopping experiences and a lack of options. Now is the time to get the right foundation.

My advice is to buy what makes you feel good, and what you can truly wear more than one season. Trends change constantly, but a great classic can take you so far. If I am able to make getting dressed in the morning significantly easier, I have done my job. Build up your style from the basics. Throw on those statement pants with an essential tee. Show your personality through your clothing, and enjoy what you wear.



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  • Jennifer Sawyer: June 21, 2016

    Lovely I am ready to buy the two different color V necks I love simple contemporary clothing to go with my simple work slacks.

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