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Nothing about us is shabby, only chic. We will not drown you in fabric to hide who you are or dress you like your grandmother’s couch so you blend into the scenery. We are not wedded to empire waists or color-blocking because we think it makes you look thinner. We will make you two-piece bathing suits. This is you coming home. This is you coming home to the closet that loves you as you are. This is clothing for women by people who love women--not people who want to change them. Here, you will not be forced to buy whatever fits you, you will be able express yourself through your style. You will get to show the world what you are all about, just as we have told you what we are all about: Making women of every race, size, humor, and style look and feel as awesome as they are.  

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Aimee Cheshire
Co-Founder and President



David Wechsler
Co-Founder and CEO



With 10+ years in the women's fashion space, and the industry recognition of founding one of the premier plus fashion blogs, Aimee brings an eye for trends paired with a unique focus on matching style with fit. Aimee's longtime dream of cultivating industry change - supporting great new fashion talent, getting the word out to stylish women with curves, and encouraging growth and success - is at last being realized.




A 20+ year tech startup veteran who has founded and exited companies in internet/ecommerce and clean-tech. He has been part of companies that have raised over combined $22MM in angel, strategic and venture capital. David received his B.A. from Dickinson College in '93, With David's technical and business direction, Hey Gorgeous! is quickly becoming one of the most recognized influences in the world of retail.



Email customercare@heygorgeous.com to reach either Aimee or David.
For press inquiries, feel free to email press@heygorgeous.com

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